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In collaboration with VCO Azzurra TV

  • Semi-staged version
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      "Fondazione Comunitaria del VCO", the local Community Foundation, works to improve life quality in our beautiful Province.
      Even such a beautiful territory, embraced by stunning highs and deep blue waters, faces a sad reality of children who need a great help in order to be able to smile.
      The Foundation plays the role of a giant piggy-bank: all donations collected tonight will be capitalised within a dedicated fund which was established to protect local youth.
      Thank you for helping our children.


Saturday September, 4 2010, 8.00 p.m.

TAKE NOTICE! The concert starts at 8.00 p.m.

D. Cimarosa, Il matrimonio segreto

OGI Battistoni




Arianna Vendittelli


Damiana Mizzi


Giuseppina Bridelli


Matteo Falcier


Simon Lim


Marco Filippo Romano

De-CarolisOrchestra Giovanile Italiana
Andrea Battistoni


Singers selected by Natale De Carolis' Giovani all'Opera.

In collaboration with Stresa Music Academy 2010

I have been devoting myself to the growth of young singers who have nowadays a brilliant carreer and at this extent the project of the Academy of Singing
"Giovani all'Opera" was born.
I have often said that we don't have to "make young people sing" but we have to "teach them how to sing".
This project, held for the first time, is going to make young artists study deeply and organize the performance of Il matrimonio segreto by Cimarosa, highlightening also the dramatic, technical and recitative aspects, which will be of great help to them to cope with their demanding way to success.
Sharing "musical ioy and pain", they are supposed to reach very good aristic results, also thanks to sacrifices and hard working.
I would like to make these young artists learn as much as possible, but above all I'd like to help them think that being talented is not enough and the voice must be guided by right thoughts, efforts and luck, otherwise it does mean nothing.
Too often we see talented people facing a singing carreer without a proper training which must be not only technical but reflected onto their personality. This is what young people sometimes lack: the right personality, the conscience of their own limits and the feeling that renouncing something today can be rewarded by a bright future.

Natale De Carolis

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