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  • During the day participants in the concert may visit the Rocca Borromeo with a special ticket at € 5,00 (instead of € 8,00).
    Latest admission 5.30 p.m.

    The discount is given exclusively at the Rocca box office against concert ticket or purchasing the two tickets together. In collaboration with Amministrazione Borromeo



In collaborazione con VCO Azzurra TV

 Tuesday August 2 2011, 6.00 p.m.
Angera, Rocca borromeo

CordiaEnsemble Cordia

Cecilia Bernardini, violin
Stefano Veggetti, cello
Franziska Romaner, cello, basso continuo
Riccardo Coelati,
Maurizio Piantelli,
Vittorio Zanon, harpsichord


G.B. Platti, Sonata à Violino, Violoncello e Basso in sol min.
Sonata à Violoncello Solo e b.c. in re min.

Sonata a tre cioè Violino overo Oboe, Violoncello e Basso in sol magg.

A. Vivaldi, Sonata à Violino e b.c. n. 2 in re min. RV 12
Sonata per Violino, Violoncello e b.c. in do min. RV 83

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Rocca_Borromeo_di_Angera_-_Concerto_PalatinoThe Rocca Borromeo of Angera, an unusual example of a completely preserved medieval fortified building, rises on a spur of calcareous rock that has always dominated the southern part of Lake Maggiore. This imposing construction houses items that bear important witness to local history, which is revisited thanks to the marvellous cycle of frescoes of the Sala di Giustizia (Justice Hall) dating from the end of the13th century.