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In collaboration with VCO Azzurra TV

Wednesday September 2 2009, 8.30 p.m.
Isola dei Pescatori, Chiesa di San Vittore

NorthNigel North, lute


S.L. Weiss, Sonata "L'Infidele"
Partita in
G minor
J.S. Bach, Prelude, Fuga e Allegro in mi bem. magg. BWV 998
Sonata in
G minor

Concert's notes


pescatori_p.jpgSan Vittore Martire church is located in the small village of Isola dei Pescatori, in a narrow maze of alleys and fishermen's houses. It is reached for the concert thanks to a boat organized on the occasion by the Festival, leaving Stresa main pier at 8.00 p.m..