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quintetto-bibiena.jpgThe Quintetto Bibiena was founded in 1993 and was named after the renowned old family of theatre designers and architects Galli-Bibiena (XVIII Century). This family was famous for its studies about acoustics. Inspired by it, the group also aims to focus on the theatrical aspects which are part of a classic chamber concert. The Quintetto Bibiena was the first Italian Ensemble to be awarded the Second Prize (first not assigned) at the 42nd Ard Music Competition in Munich. Since then, they took part to the Festival Nuove Carriere, set up by Cidim, and have been regular guests of the most important concert seasons in Italy (Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, Società del Quartetto in Milan, Unione Musicale in Turin, Amici della Musica in Palermo, etc) and other music festivals such as Settembre Musica, Asolo Musica, Mahler Festival, etc.
The Italian composer Ivan Fedele created for them the piece Flamen, premièred at the Festival Nuove Sincronie in Milan. The Quintetto Bibiena enjoys working with composers (Riccardo Nova, Carlo Boccadoro, Giovanni Sollima and Nicola Campogrande among the others) not only within the creation of new works but also looking for transcriptions for wind ensembles. Among their recordings we mention a Cd including Musorgskij’s Pictures at an exibition transcribed by the composer Carlo Ballarini for the Quintetto (Agorà). This excellent wind ensemble has also recorded the complete works for piano and wind instruments by Francis Poulenc, with the pianist Andrea Dindo (Agorà).
The Quintetto Bibiena performed in Germany, Belgium, Austria and France too. During Autumn 1999, it was invited in the Grosse Saal of the prestigious Mozarteum in Salzburg; moreover an important tour in South America was planned during September 2000.
During 2003, the Quintetto Bibiena achieved the prestigious Italian Critic Award XII Premio Abbiati “Filippo Siebaneck”.
The Quintetto also collaborates with pianists such as Michele Campanella, Michel Dalberto, Andrea Lucchesini, Roberto Cominati; with the Orchestra d’Archi Italiana and Mario Brunello; with the soprano Luisa Castellani; and with the Indian percussionist B.C. Manjunath.
The single members of Quintetto Bibiena are leaders in four among the greatest orchestras: Orchestra of Teatro Comunale in Bologna, Orchestra of Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale Rai in Turin, Orchestra Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome.