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Siete qui: Home Festival Festival 2009 tre forme: linea-cerchio-ettagono
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by Andrea Portera

The title, which refers to geometric shapes, shows itself in a double musical appearance:
1. The formal structuralism that develops sound lines and circular fragments, both created on numeric proportions with basis 7.
2. The symbolism connected with these geometric shapes, where the line and the circle respectively represent the western and eastern thinking, and the heptagon the spiritual and esoteric solidity of number 7, which many cultures consider as a symbol of spiritual integrity.
The track can therefore be defined as “ritualistic”. Based on a material that is often drawn from the DNA of ethnical-folk music (the quarter tone is used to recover modal fragments of the oriental music), but also of tribal and primitive music (the woods in particular are used with such positions that grant a timber change to the instrument, able to evoke ancestral sounds.