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Trombone Attraction is a new and dynamic trombone quartet, consisting of the four young musicians Stefan Obmann, Christian Poitinger, Martin Riener and Raphael Stieger.
The two Upper Austrians Martin Riener and Christian Poitinger have known each other for quite some time, they even attended the same school. The two Carinthians Raphael Stieger and Stefan Obmann have known each other since childhood, too, because they started playing the trombone at the same music school being taught by the same teacher.
Christian soon realized that he liked deep tones and decided to specialise in the bass trombone. Raphael finished his music teacher studies in Klagenfurt (Carinthia) and is now officially allowed to teach the trombone. Stefan and Martin got to know each other during an orchestra production in Salzburg, became friends and decided to found an ensemble.
In 2006 Raphael, Stefan and Martin started their studies in Vienna where Dietmar Küblböck (principal trombone Vienna Philharmonics) became their teacher. Christian's teacher in Vienna is Johann Ströcker (bass trombone Vienna Philharmonics). During the first rehearsals they recognized that they harmonised well with each other.
In 2008 they participated in their first competition which was the renowned International Competition for Brass in Passau (Germany) and won it!
They decided to go on playing music together as the “Trombone Attraction trombone quartet”, winning competitions and looking forward to a great future...