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Masterclass on improvisation PDF Print E-mail

Teacher: Enrico Pieranunzi

Admitted candidates and course development

The Masterclass will be given by M° Enrico Pieranunzi; a maximum of 12 active students will be admitted, of all nationalities and ages. The course will be opened also to a group of listener students. Both musicians and singers are admitted.
Lessons will take place in Stresa (VB) from August 31 to September 2, 2011 (three days).
At the end of the Masterclass the active students who will gain the highest distinction will perform a concert on September 2 in the context of the 50th edition of the Stresa Festival.

Admission procedure

Application forms must be sent to the Segreteria dell’Associazione Settimane Musicali di Stresa, Via Carducci, 38 – 28838 Stresa (VB) – Italy, by and no later than June 1, 2011, including the following data:
  • first name and last name
  • place and date of birth
  • nationality
  • two recent photographs
  • home address, phone numbers, e-mail address
  • curriculum vitae in Italian or English

The candidates may send, by their own choice, few documents testifying their experience (certificate of participation in masterclasses and competitions, letters of reference by important musicians, audio and/or video Cd/Dvd).

The selected candidates will be notified within June 15, 2011.

Admission fee

The active students will pay € 300,00 (threehundred/00) and listener students € 100,00 (one hundred/00). Travelling and accommodation expenses must be paid by the students. Special conditions for hotel accommodation are foreseen.

Course programme

  1. History and traditions in the improvisational process;
  2. Extemporaneous creation of musical forms (with practical exercises open to the active students);
  3. Relationship between improvisation and composition, between improvisation and interpretation;
  4. Improvisation in jazz music;
  5. How to improvise on the main jazz forms (blues, song-form etc.)
  6. Melodic, harmonic and rhythmical approach to improvisation;
  7. Training of individual and combo improvisation.