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  • With the support of
    Pro loco di Belgirate
    The members of Pro loco di Belgirate may purchase their ticket with the 50% discount.


In collaboration with VCO Azzurra TV

Friday August 3, 2012, 8.30 p.m.
Belgirate, Chiesa Vecchia



Trio Mediæval

Anna Maria Friman-Henriksen, voice
Linn Andrea Fuglseth
, voice
Catherine King
, voice


Salve sancta parens
Munda Maria
Sponsa rectoris omnium
O sponsa Dei electa
O Maria virgo pia
Benedicta / Virgo Dei genitrix
G. Bryars, Credo - Gavin Bryars
Felix namque
Salve, rosa florum
Grata iuvencula
De Supernis sedibus
Agnus Dei
Beata viscera
Alma dei genitrix
G. Bryars, Benedicamus domino

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Chiesa_Vecchia_di_Belgirate_-_La_ReverdieThe Romanic church Santa Maria or Chiesa Vecchia (Old Church), wonderfully decorated with frescos of the XVIth century, rises on the top of a slope facing the lake, and it is part of Belgirate old town centre, with its typical labyrinth of narrow paths and beautiful glimpses of gardens.