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In collaboration with VCO Azzurra TV

  • In the day participants in the concert may visit Villa Pallavicino Gardens with a special ticket at € 5,00 instead of € 9,00.

    The discount is given exclusively at theVilla Pallavicino box office, against concert ticket or purchasing the two tickets together.
    In collaboration with Amministrazione Villa Pallavicino
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Saturday May 8 2010, 5.00 p.m.
STRESA, Villa Pallavicino

It is an open-air concert and starts at 5.00 p.m.

GallianoRubalcabaRichard Galliano, accordion
Gonzalo Rubalcaba, piano

L. Galliano, Love day


Read the concert's notes

pallavicino2Situated few minutes walking from the imbarcadero di Stresa, Villa Pallavicino, facing one of the most beautiful panoramas of Lake Maggiore, is surrounded by an enormous park with a botanic garden and a zoo.