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For over ten years, since he abandoned pure rock in 1985, the music of Bregovic had never been performed live. This all changes in 1995 when, with a band of ten traditional musicians, a choir of fifty singers and a symphony orchestra, he undertakes a series of mega-concerts in Greece and Sweden followed by the concert given October 26th at the Forest National of Brussels for an audience of 7500. Very few concert performances in 1996 as the idea of a hundred and twenty performers on stage scared even the most enthusiastic promoters.
In June 1997, the group is reduced to fifty musicians for a two hour concert with the music he composed for films. And it’s one success after another. Bregovic undertakes a triumphal tour throughout Europe with his Wedding and Funeral Band presenting live his most beautiful pieces from the famous Ederlezi (Time of the Gypsies) to the In the Death Car (Arizona Dream) and the energetic Kalasnikov (Underground) taking off as delirious audience echoes the with the powerful Juris (Charge!!). The number of entries – between 3,500 and 10,000 per concert - and the concert given May 1st at the Piazza St. Giovanni in Rome in front of 500.000 people confirm beyond any doubt that his music now has a real impact on an international level.
Goran Bregovic continues his career, and the young local rock mega-star of the 70s and the 80s asserts his authority as a mature, successful, international composer.