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In collaboration with VCO Azzurra TV




Friday September 4 2009, 8.30 p.m.
vogogna, castello visconteo

Trombone Attraction

Stefan Obmann, Christian Poitinger, Martin Riener, Raphael Stieger, trombones

Winner of 2008 Passau International Competition


W.A. Mozart, “Die Zauberflöte” Ouverture (arr. T. Hammond)
J. e J. Strauss, Pizzicato-Polka (arr. E. Hainzl)
G. Gershwin, A Potrait (arr. D. Armitage)
J. Haydn, Achieved is the Glorious Work (arr. D.G. Miller)
M. Prätorius, Französische Tänze (arr. P. Bucher)
H. Mancini, Pink Panther (arr. D. Armitage)
P. McCartney, Hey Jude (arr. I. Luis)
H. Arlen, It’s only a Paper Moon (arr. Elkjer)
G. Richards, Suite for trombones
C. Debussy, Das Mädchen mit dem Flachshaar (arr. Th. Horch)
J. Strauss, Leichtes Blut (arr. E. Hainzl)
M. Plunser, Sonata for four Trombone slides
AA.VV. James Bond 007 (arr. B. Ryser)
L. Paul, Apartett
P. Desmond, Take Five (arr. I. Luis)
G. Rossini, Guglielmo Tell (arr. A.P. Taylor)

Concert's notes

vogogna_p.jpgThe Castello Visconteo in Vogogna, built in the middle of XIV century, has a round tower which overlooks the old village. The castle was recently renovated, its charming medieval allatus being preserved. The concert will be open-air in the evocative castle courtyard; in case of bad weather it will be held in the small hall on the second floor.