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violoncellistiscala.jpgThe Violoncellisti della Scala ensemble was formed in November 2003 and all began when a group of friends had the idea of proposing live contemporary music in a rather special place on the outskirts of Milan: a very austere Church built by the architect Giovanni Muzio in the Thirties, which houses a large neon light installation from 1997 designed by Dan Flavin, the acclaimed American artist’s last work.
The mix of styles, lights and atmospheres touches different moments of recent history, almost like a magical circle in which the cellists, reinterpreting the noble tradition of viola da gamba consorts, or ensembles, began exploring the expressive possibilities afforded by the wide register of notes, timbre’s variety and rhythmic quality of the cello’s sound box.
The Violoncellisti della Scala have played for La Scala chamber music seasons, Rai Radio3 and countless concert societies in Italy, presenting new pieces by composers like Carlo Boccadoro, Stefano Cabrera, Stefano Dallera, Carlo Galante, Nicola Campogrande and Wolfgang Marschner.
In 2007 the ensemble’s partnership with Giovanni Sollima pleased both critics and audiences and soon led them to increase the number of concerts.
For the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Giovanni Sollima and the Violoncellisti della Scala recently presented a new repertoire to mark the exhibition All in the present must be transformed: Matthew Barney and Joseph Beuys.