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Martinelli Massimo Martinelli, born in Rome, studied composition, orchestral and choir conducting, choral music, piano and band instruments at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome. After graduating in ethno-musicology he specialized in musicology and musical assets at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, “La Sapienza” University in Rome. He then attended Salvador Mas Conde’s master classes on conducting in Vienna. His specialization in band conducting and instruments was obtained at a course organized by the High Command of the Italian Carabinieri and the Accademia Nazionale of S. Cecilia.
He worked for a short time as accompanist to the National Dance Academy in Rome, then in 1993-94 he taught choral conducting at the “L. Canepa” music school in Sassari. He has conducted various military bands, and since July 2000 has been Director of the Music Band of the Carabinieri, with which he has conducted concerts throughout Italy and abroad.
Massimo Martinelli has composed choral music and pieces for bands.