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The way of four singers, highly renowned soloists, crossed in diverse productions. Madrigalists at heart and, above all, good friends, they make La Colombina, a name chosen after the famous music compilation from the 15th century kept in the Colombina Library in Seville. La Colombina, cosmopolitan group with a strongly Latin root, was created in 1990 with the intention of cultivating the religious and profane music of the Renaissance and of the first baroque and, though the favourite repertoire of the group is the Hispanic, they do not avoid some trips in musical companies of France and Italy. Their essential organization is the quartet, without excluding larger vocal formations and instrumental collaborations when the programme requires it. Throughout their years of performance, the group has devoted mainly to concerts (all over Europe, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Israel) and to the record industry, initially for the Accent label. After a period of inactivity because of changes in their components, from 2004 onwards they renew their contact with the public in concerts and with the live recording of the Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae, of Tomás Luis de Victoria (Glossa), with the participation furthermore of the habitual members of the quartet, of four more soloists, and also of the Schola Antiqua for the parts of plainsong. The year 2006 was also that of the recording of a monographic record dedicated to Francisco Guerrero (K617).

Raquel Andueza, soprano
José Hernández Pastor, alto
Josep Benet, tenor
Josep Cabré, baritone