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banda-carabinieriThe Band of the Carabinieri traces its origins back to 1820 when, for the first time, a group of trumpeters was included in the Royal Carabinieri Corps. In 1862 this group became the Fanfare, and by 1920 it had grown into a much larger assembly, known as the Band of the Carabinieri. It now comprises 102 musicians and an archivist, all graduates of the best Italian music schools. It made its international debut in Paris, alongside well-known groupings like the band of the French Republican Guards, and one of the English Royal Guards.
Since then the Band has traveled widely – thirty tours in Europe, one in Brazil, two in Japan, one in the Middle East, two in Canada, and three in the USA (the last visit was at the Millenium Columbus Day celebrations). The Band’s latest foreign concert, in Canton, was attended by the Chinese and Italian Prime Ministers, in the splendid setting of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on 14 September 2006, to mark the Italian Year in China.
The Band of the Carabinieri boasts a broad repertory, from traditional military marches to classical and opera music, and modern and contemporary pieces. Famous world-wide for its excellent music and splendid uniforms, the Band has been conducted over the years by Luigi Cajoli, Luigi Cirenei (a pupil of Pietro Mascagni and composer of the well-known Marcia d’Ordinanza dell’Arma dei Carabinieri), Domenico Fantini and Vincenzo Borgia. Lt. Col. Massimo Martinelli has been its conductor since 2000.