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For various reasons, this programme is based on opposites. This word could be used to describe the music played by the two Pieranunzis and Carbonare. Blues is transmitted orally par excellence, a folk chant become universal language because of its inner power. Here it is presented in a vision that is the opposite to its original; it is played as has been written in a score and, in particular, the score of a theme with variations (the third movement of Points on Jazz by Brubeck). Or else it becomes, in Duke’s dream by the same Pieranunzi, a fundamental part – inside of a score – of a narrative polythematic and almost rhapsodic path. Ragtime – which was instead a written form – is here performed as seen in the deformed point of view of Stravinsky (Histoire du soldat) or in peculiar arrangements for violin and piano of Joplin’s originals. In both cases the ability and ductility of the interpretative skills of the two musicians (Carbonare and Gabriele Pieranunzi) will show; they will confront themselves with scores that are very different from chamber music compositions of the Eighteenth and Twentieth centuries. In the end Enrico Pieranunzi, used to the practice of massive improvisation, is here called to play in the role of a classical pianist. No improvisation in this case and total respect for the scores in programme. Even, naturally, for the scores he has written himself, as Elisions du jour, composition he will present in a duo with Carbonare. In a period rich of cross-over, contaminations, hybridizations and similar phenomena, talking about contradictions is a nonsense. Or maybe it is possible, if this term is used in its strongest value. This meaning could be the attempt of realizing a sort of “union of the opposites”: jazz and classical, improvisation and composition, orality and written scores. And this is, concretely, the spirit with which the three musicians intend, throughout their performance, to take the listeners by the hand and bring them in a world of sounds, surely untraditional still rich of life and fantasy.