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In collaboration with VCO Azzurra Tv

Tuesday August 5 2008, 8.30 p.m.
LaKE Orta, Basilica DELL'Isola DI S. Giulio

singer_pur.jpgSinger Pur        

Claudia Reinhard  soprano
Klaus Wenk  tenor
Markus Zapp   tenor
Manuel Warwitz  tenor
Thomas Hamberger  bass
Reiner Schneider-Waterberg  baritone  

G. Dufay, Missa Ave regina caelorum: Kyrie

Anonimo, Ave, maris stella

G. Dufay, Alma redemptoris mater

Missa Ave regina caelorum: Gloria

Anima mea liquefacta est

P. de Vitry, Vos qui admiramini - Gratissima virginis - Gaude gloriosa

G. Dufay, Missa Ave regina caelorum: Credo - Sanctus/Benedictus

Anonimo, Lectio: Iube, Domine, benedicere
Primo tempore alleviata est

Anonimo, Vidimus stellam

G. Dufay, Magi videntes stellam

Ave regina coelorum

Missa Ave regina caelorum: Agnus Dei

orta_p.jpg The Basilica di San Giulio is one of the most outstanding sacred monuments of the Novara province, dating 12th century, overlooking the peaceful homonymous islet and Lake Orta. It is reached for the concert thanks to private boats organized on the occasion by the Festival, leaving Orta at 8.00 p.m..