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VenexianaLa Venexiana is nowadays the most important madrigal group in activity. His name is taken from an anonymous renaissance comedy, one of the cardinal points of reference in Italian renaissance theatre both for its use of language, a combination of Italian and dialect, and for its acute rendering of a society and manners. It was, in fact, a precursor of the commedia dell’arte. In styling itself after this glorious tradition, La Venexiana aims to incorporate into its musical interpretation the theatrical attention to language in all of its subtlety, and exultation of contrasts between refined and popular, sacred and profane, that characterizes our culture today. From the beginning, in 1998, La Venexiana has collaborated exclusively with the Spanish label Glossa. La Venexiana collection, titled Il Madrigale Italiano, includes madrigals’ book by Monteverdi, Luzzaschi, Luca Marenzio, D’India, De Wert and has won prestigious international awards such as Prix Cecilia 1999, Premio Fondazione Cini 2000, Prix Amadeus 2000, Gramophone Award 2001, Cannes Classical Award 2002, Grand Prix du Disque, Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cross 2003, Amadeus’ CD of the year in 2001, Deutscher Schallplattenkritik 2005 and 2006 and Choc of Year 2006: all these prizes have proclaimed La Venexiana as the “New Orpheus of the Italian madrigal repertoire”. In 2007 La Venexiana has completed the recording of Monteverdi Edition. The Orfeo’s tour has been a great success in London, Melk, Regensburg, Lyon, Weingarten, Jerez, Bruges, Udine, Modena, St. Gallen, Viterbo, Sablé, Eilat, Seattle. The new opera project of La Venexiana will be the Incoronatione di Poppea that started at the end of 2008 and will be recorded by Glossa. It will be performed in Herne, Paris (Cité de la Musique), Théâtre de Poissy, Regensburg, Milan, Genoa, London, Hamburg, etc. La Venexiana has established a new style in the Italian early music performance: a warm, truly Mediterranean blend of textual declamation, rhetorical colour and harmonic refinement.